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Bella and Hudson Litter Spring 2011

Bella and Hudson litter Spring 2011 We are eagerly awaiting our sweet Bella (International JHA Champion Montego Diamond Giselle from Australia) to come into season any day now. Bella is an extraordinarily affectionate and intelligent girl and a joy to have as part of our family . She has a lovely head, is well muscled, compact and has a sweet expression – with jet black pigment. Bella certainly seems to be enjoying the single life but our charming Hudson (Canadian Champion Dreamkeeper Unforgettable Song) is trying sweet talk her so hopefully this romance will happen soon! We are expecting this litter to be exceptional. Hudson comes from outstanding Swedish lines that have produced some extraordinary champions. In true golden fashion, Hudson has a very easy-going and affectionate character. He is quick to learn and very eager to please. He is a wonderful boy, extremely smart, obedient, powerful and athletic, gentle and loving, devoted and confident - with exceptional good looks!