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Kingston and Whitney Litter – Week Seven

Fun time outside with mommy. “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” They were impervious to the cold and the wet snow which dotted their furry coats. It was as though Whitney’s brood was training for the winter Olympics and you couldn’t find a happier group of youngsters. An epic outdoor festival from start to finish, the gang played chase, practised ski jumps, tobogganing or luge, went hiking and exploring or made snow angels. Ever the good sport, not only did Whitney come around to nurse her pups, she also spent a good deal of time playing with them, both in groups and one on one. The little ones were tireless as they raced around and even gave us a workout as we attempted to collect them to put everyone back in their whelping box. Once they were nestled in the warmth of their little shelter, it didn’t take long for everyone to drift off to sleep….including mom. The holiday season afforded us many opportunities to spend time with each puppy – one on one. Not only have they