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Hudson and Faith Litter – Week Seven

Ice cream bar is always open! “Velcro” Faith is in line to earn a trophy for “best mom”. At this point in time, most moms have long since abandoned the notion of nursing their pups due to each one’s 28 razor sharp teeth. Not this gal. She selflessly obliges them and is always at their beck and call. Once in their presence, they seem stuck to her like Velcro. They were impervious to the cold and the wet snow which dotted their furry coats. It was as though Faith’s brood was training for the winter Olympics and you couldn’t find a happier group of youngsters. An epic outdoor festival from start to finish, the gang played chase, practised ski jumps, tobogganing or luge, went hiking and exploring or worked on the igloo that their mom was desperate to have. Ever the good sport, Faith spent the better part of her time providing the group with libation. The little ones were tireless as they raced around and even gave us a workout as we attempted to collect them to put everyone back

Hudson and Faith Litter – Week Six

Miss Powder Puff wants to go outside in the snow! “Cabin Fever” Cabin fever. We’ve all felt it at one point in time or another. It even happens to six-week-old pups and now they’re old enough and smart enough to do something about it. One day while Mr. Orange Blossom was having a snooze in front of the entrance to the whelping box, Mr. Bulrush used his brother as a step stool to launch himself over the opening into the vast expanse of the living room so he could enjoy some private time with his mom. On another occasion, Faith inadvertently compressed all the slats which normally block the entrance so that the entire group escaped for an unscheduled walkabout. Despite the mountains of snow that have accumulated on our property this past week, we were able to clear off an area on the patio to allow the pups to experience their first taste of both the great outdoors and winter. Some litters initially find the experience a bit overwhelming, but this bunch was unfazed. They wasted

Hudson and Faith Litter – Week Five

It's all about playing this week! “Things that go bump in the Night” The sun had long since bid farewell. The moon was full but unable to penetrate the cloud cover leaving it quite dark in the house. Wind noisily pushed its way through the trees and tiny pellets of icy snow careened off the windows. Off in the distance a coyote was announcing his presence. In the far corner of the house, we could hear a commotion. Did we remember to lock the living room door where the puppies were sleeping? Had the door blown open? There it was again….a thump and then another one or two in quick succession. We quickly made our way down the hall to investigate but as we approached, the situation became quite clear. The puppies were wrestling and when one of them landed on top of the turtle with the pressure activated music box in its shell, a chorus of “London Bridge is Falling Down” began to play. We were all safe and sound after all. The dynamic in the whelping box is evolving. This is