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Our goal is to breed and raise exceptional quality British Style Golden Retrievers. Our bloodlines are from only the most respected kennels worldwide. We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club, UK Kennel Club and GRCC and strictly adhere to their code of ethics. Our breeding dogs have passed all health clearances for eyes, heart, hips and elbows.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bella and Hudson's Puppies - 8 weeks

Mr. Brown ...looking so Regal!
This week was all about having fun and getting dirty in the process. Fortunately, the morning dew that covered the lawn was nature’s little miracle footbath that cleansed the puppies’ feet on their way back to the playpen. This week was also about meeting new people, making new relationships and evolving roles. As their mother and caregiver, Bella still provided the occasional snack to her little entourage, but after mealtime, she became their playmate, one on one or in groups. Not unexpectedly, their “Aunt” Sierra who has always adored the puppies, was their favourite and most capable chum. She would inspire a group to chase her and then roll onto her back to allow the little ones to climb on her. With such keen maternal instincts, Sierra is bound to be an exceptional mum herself one day.

Aunt Sierra playing with Bella's puppies.

The group was eager to get further acquainted with their dad, Hudson and their “Uncle” Jazz, but did have some difficulty in keeping up with them so they settled on Haas, our senior Golden. Since Haas likes to spend much of his time lying down, he was a natural target for the puppies to use as a giant play toy. While occasionally reluctant, he was always gentle and accommodating.

There is seemingly no limit to the imagination of a puppy. We can only surmise about the game of G.I. Joe that the puppies were playing in a giant foxhole in the backyard. They were somehow able to fit four or five of them into it at one time. The carpentry crew found four puppies playing tug with one single tree branch; a gift spawned from a brisk wind the prior evening. Another team embarked on their project of a big dig, whereby they excavated the earth under a protruding rock, tunneling tirelessly like miners, thereby creating a cave. With her exceptional gardening skills, Miss Lavender gathered brush to help camouflage its entrance. But then, they are den animals and they instinctively look to create these little hideaways they can safely retreat to, should the imaginary need arise.

Since we had a couple of rain days during the week, we spent some indoor time with the gang. They rollicked in our foyer which served as a giant dance floor and ran laps around the island in the kitchen. When enough energy was expended, the puppies each found a corner of the kitchen or a stool to curl up under for some greatly needed rest.

Much of the week was a blur. There were many car rides, visitors, monsoons, lightning storms, races back and forth in the yard at top speeds and first time baths, but in the midst of it all there was still some time to spend alone with each puppy. Our hearts were captured by the puppies’ budding and loving little personalities that they will take with them to share with their new families. These were among the most special moments that we’ll cherish forever. 

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bella and Hudson's Puppies - 7 weeks

The Angel Litter ....

Miss Lavender

Miss Lavender warned him by barking several times, yet the intruder would not budge. She began to bark incessantly, but he was still unyielding. Finally she could take no more. She lunged forward and sank her teeth into him jerking her head from side to side as she pulled back. He finally toppled over and lay there, helpless…..defeated. Score one for the puppies. The broom that graces our deck had learned its lesson. And thus, the tone for the week was set.

With their sense of adventure and confidence growing daily, the puppies have now explored the better part of an acre of their private wonderland. They still enjoy their gardening and rock climbing, but have added a form of steeplechase that involves chasing each other under and through various pieces of deck furniture. Their foot races across the back half of the property came to an abrupt halt one day for Mr. Crimson as he disappeared into a large hole that had been dug by some of our older Goldens. He emerged a little dusty, but eager to continue.

Remarkably, Bella is still nursing a bit, but when she’s had enough, she makes herself very clear. The gang is enjoying their mush, but also delights in snacking on kibble which provides them with a constructive use for their razor sharp teeth, thereby sparing our shoes, laces and limbs.

Our 12 year old Haas playing with Mr. Green.

It was a memorable week for the puppies. They met their “Uncle” Haas, our senior Golden. They were curious as they hadn’t seen another grown-up Golden up close, aside from their mum. They carefully examined his undercarriage and quickly discovered that this model was not a milk truck, leaving them somewhat perplexed. They retired the notion of getting anything to eat, so the little pack opted just to play with him, circling him like a covered wagon in a western movie. Fortunately, Haas is a good sport! They also formally met their dad, Hudson, another gentle giant. The puppies had a string of visitors throughout the week and made many new friends. They have very even temperaments and are maturing both physically and emotionally – their personalities evolving every day. One thing is for certain: they love to be picked up and cuddled.

The Gang heading out to the vet!

The puppies went on numerous car rides too. After five minutes into a drive, the chirping subsided as the car coddled them into a tranquil state…..except for Mr. Black who at some point along the way must have realized we were en route to the veterinary clinic.They were weighed, received their check-up, vaccines and micro-chipping. All the puppies passed with flying colours and were a huge hit with the clinic staff. It seems like everyone’s a latent paparazzi when there’s a puppy in the mix, let alone nine! In a subsequent car ride, the only sound we heard was snoring.

It's hard to believe how quickly the time has passed and soon these little bundles of joy will be headed to their new homes. In the meantime, we’ll be firming up their travel plans and getting them used to crates to eliminate any stress of travelling. They are an adorable bunch and we are going to treasure our remaining days together.

Please join us next week for the conclusion of “Puppy Tales”.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bella and Hudson's Puppies - 6 weeks

So many new adventures this week!
It’s been a busy week for the puppies. Now that they are becoming more comfortable with outdoor living, they have been pursuing various hobbies and interests. Mr. Black, the lumberjack, has been gleefully pruning a lilac bush. Not to be outdone, Miss Yellow and Mr. Brown have taken up landscaping as they rearrange twigs and bark chips. Messrs. Crimson and Blue are amateur rock-climbers scaling the flower beds, while the others practice their track & field, gymnastics or even origami with the paper in their whelping box.

Bella feeds the puppies occasionally to supplement their diet of moistened puppy food, albeit with diminishing enthusiasm. It’s comical to watch them chase her around the yard in the hopes of getting a snack. All in all, Bella is doing a great job as a mum. She has even scared away a wild turkey lurking outside the fence to our yard. When the puppies are in their playpen, Bella lies dutifully beside it to watch over them, but sometimes shares this task with our Sierra who is still very enamoured with the little ones.

Fortunately, the weather has been co-operative most days so the pups spent a good deal of their time outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. The puppies also learned about rain one morning. As we were inside preparing their breakfast, Bella came running to the door with a bark so anxious as if to suggest that Timmy had fallen into the well. When I glanced outside, I realized what Bella was trying to tell us was that we’d had an unexpected downpour. We raced outside to find the poor little puppies huddled in a mass, completely drenched, quivering, looking quite bewildered. We brought them inside as quickly as possible, but their complaining didn’t stop until every last one was gently toweled dry.

We had lots of time to play this week!

The puppies play very exuberantly with one another and no-one is ever left out. While the boys are very boisterous, the girls can certainly hold their own. All of this play culminates in one of their other favourite pastimes, which of course is napping. And they certainly do their share of that.

It’s difficult to pass by their pen without having the puppies fix their gaze upon you in the hopes of being picked up. We’re convinced that Miss Yellow is like Mona Lisa whose eyes follow you around the room. They are at the age now where interaction with people is becoming increasingly important to them, so they react to every sight, sound and touch. Add a dash of their blossoming personalities and watch your resistance fade away.

Be sure to join us next week for the continuing saga of “Puppy Tales”.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bella and Hudson's Puppies - 5 weeks

Bella soaking up the sunshine with her puppies.

What an adventurous week this has been since the puppies were introduced to the great outdoors. They are spending a good portion of their day outside now, sometimes slumbering in their pen and other times on supervised expeditions in the yard. Their circle of comfort continues to widen and they are enjoying every minute frolicking about! With their vision and hearing now fully matured, they are very curious, learning about the things many of us take for granted: a blade of grass, a bark chip or a butterfly. One day during afternoon recess, Mr. Black, spotting an apparent gap under our gate, decided he would like to explore the previously uncharted expanses of our property. He recruited Mr. Crimson and Mr. Purple to join him in his quest, but all three were apprehended without incident.

Being the good mother that she is, Bella is still very protective of her puppies and the only dogs she never minds having around them is their dad Hudson and our senior Golden, Haas. Bella does make exceptions, so Sierra, our New Canadian Champion, spends long periods of time lying in front of the puppies’ playpen, contemplating them adoringly.

Our Sierra admiring the new puppies.

To Bella’s delight, the little ones are enjoying three meals of mush daily, so she only supplements their feeding a couple of times a day – a blessing for her since each puppy’s 28 baby teeth have erupted. The mush now includes some re-moistened dry food and continues to be a big hit. Every meal is like Thanksgiving as the puppies gorge themselves on this scrumptious offering. If they could undo a button on their furry little vests, they surely would. Afterward, they all stumble into a corner of the lounge and enjoy a nap.

Not surprisingly, the puppies are learning to communicate - not in a language that might be discernable to you or I, although it’s clearly understood by their siblings who respond just as emphatically. At playtime, they enjoy following us or their mom around the yard, honing their co-ordination by playing ball, or just rolling around in the grass. Their favourite team sport is scrimmage although they usually forget to use a ball. And after the giant knot is unfurled, there is no clear winner or loser, just a lot of happy faces. They are just puppies, after all.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another riveting installment of “Puppy Tales”.

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