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Storm and Sierra Litter – Week Seven

We are such a happy bunch. “Does this Rag Smell Like Chloroform?” We have litters of puppies that are memorable to us for different reasons. In the case of Sierra’s litter, they’re renowned for their ability to sleep soundly. And they’ll do it anywhere. This past week, the gang went on their first car ride to visit our friendly veterinarian. Some litters will punctuate the ride with ear-piercing shrieking, but not this one. They managed to sleep through the entire ride. Once at the clinic, they put their best feet forward and were very well-behaved, but also very brave throughout their examinations. All scored top marks. This group doesn’t always come across as though in a coma. They have their share of rowdy moments and we’re sure it was a team effort that resulted in the inversion of the “tip-proof” water bowl in their whelping box. Best of all, they had massive play dates with Bailey and her eight pups. The weather was agreeable enough that we were able to get everyone outs

Jazz and Bailey Litter – Week Seven

We love Spring and the great outdoors! “Busting Loose” Whenever the gang anticipates that it’s time to go outside, they’re ready to rumble! Like a bull released from its pen at the rodeo, the little puppies spilled out onto the living room floor, just steps away from the door leading to the yard. There’s no time to lose. The weather was great and there was so much to do….so many new adventures, so many games to be played. After the big squeeze through the little opening, they were outside and they scattered in many different directions. Some headed straight for the rock garden while others tore across the winter-weary lawn at top speed. What made some of these outings so much more enjoyable was that they were shared with Sierra’s litter as one giant play date! Bailey was her playful self and engaged all of the pups in various forms of play. Sierra shuffled around with a few pups in tow and even their “Aunt Whitney” joined in on the fun albeit the little ones were confused by W