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Our goal is to breed and raise exceptional quality British Style Golden Retrievers. Our bloodlines are from only the most respected kennels worldwide. We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club, UK Kennel Club and GRCC and strictly adhere to their code of ethics. Our breeding dogs have passed all health clearances for eyes, heart, hips and elbows.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mango and Storm’s Litter – Week Four

Doggy den for sale or rent.

“The Cavern”

They suspected nothing. She had spent several days earning their trust so she could finally move around the compound without scrutiny. She had to work quickly, but there were no tools at her disposal other than her own limbs and sheer determination. Bit by bit, the ground gave way. She worked tirelessly for what seemed like an eternity. Smiling, she stood back and assessed the fruits of her labour. Just a little bit more she thought. Just another day or two and it would be complete. Unfortunately for Mango, the cavern she created to house her babies was eventually discovered and her plan to move them was thwarted.

Meanwhile in the living room, the extension was added to the whelping box and the puppies now have an elaborate playstation at their disposal (no batteries required). They are developing their strength, co-ordination and cognitive skills as well as learning to engage in activities with their littermates. They scramble around at top speed and pounce on each other or play “pretend jousting” where they stand  apart from their opponent, take a couple of steps forward and gently bounce off their sibling. They test each other’s limits and are learning the difference between hard and soft biting.

The gang is also honing their vocal skills. One evening there was such a racket coming from the whelping box that it sounded like there was an all out brawl taking place. We raced to investigate and discovered all five of the puppies standing around in a circle, barking at each other for no apparent reason which left us wondering what that conversation was all about!

Clean up is just as enjoyable as mealtime.

This week saw the introduction of the puppies to gruel or mush: a healthy concoction of oatmeal, honey, goat’s milk and vitamins to supplement the feedings they get from their mom. It’s always interesting to see how things take shape during the inaugural feeding. Mr. Twister was the first one in line for a taste test. One by one, his brothers followed suit as they bellied up to the buffet. Curiously, Mr. Sandstorm was very intent on getting the bulk of his nourishment off the face of Mr. Purple Rain. All of a sudden, Mr. Lightning Bolt decided he would enter the bowl and since he was unable to keep his footing, he laid down in it. Fortunately, everyone chipped in to help clean him up. While this canine buffet has been a big hit, the milk bar is of course still open 24/7 and remains a popular venue. Not that she minds, this is a bit of a reprieve for Mango from each of her puppies’ twenty-eight razor sharp teeth that are coming in. Whoever said that motherhood was easy?

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another riveting installment of “Puppy Tales”.
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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mango and Storm’s Litter – Week Three

Let the games begin!

“Do you want a piece of me?”

There was electricity in the air as this was touted to be the match of the century. They had been honing their skills for the past several days and they were ready. Two on two – mano a mano. This was ultimate tag team wrestling, puppy style. Without warning, Mr. Twister lunged forward with his massive 6 lb. frame to take on Mr. Sandstorm. Meanwhile Mr. Lightning Bolt chomped down on Mr. Snowstorm’s leg. Before long pandemonium ensued and the whole concept of tag teaming was lost as the four were engaged in a four way brawl. Off in the far corner of the “ring”, Mr. Purple Rain was lying atop a stuffed animal sound asleep, snoring gently.

This is the beginning of a key period for the puppies as they are developing rudimentary social skills. They are testing each other’s limits and learning the difference between hard and soft biting. They take turns sleeping at the top and bottom of the sibling pile. Since their hunting and chasing instincts are emerging, they practice with their siblings or their plush toys. The puppies are also fine-tuning their vocal abilities. They have such a broad range of vocal stylings that at times we could swear that there was a flock of pigeons in the room and on other occasions, they were heard howling like a pack of miniature wolves.

Now that their vision is established beyond simply being able to detect light, dark and movement, the puppies are becoming increasingly curious about their surroundings and each other. The week was rounded out by frequent deliveries from mom’s milk truck and napping. They even struggled to stay awake long enough to entertain some visitors. They were on their best behaviour as they were being kissed and caressed, all the while eyeing their suitors warily. Most cooed with delight as they were picked up to cuddle. And picking them up is becoming a workout in itself as this gang is growing in leaps and bounds. That also means they need their nails clipped every few days, but fortunately Mango is looking after the rest of their grooming needs for now.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another nail-biting installment of “Puppy Tales”.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mango and Storm’s Litter – Week Two

Mr. Twister not amused by me waking him up for a pedicure!

“The Eviction Notice”

It was inevitable. If not for their loud banter then it was certainly the all-night “drinking” parties that led to this action. Since this lot of puppies was very robust at eight days of age, we broke with tradition and moved the whelping box out of our bedroom earlier than usual, down the hall to the living room. Fortunately, the little ones didn’t even notice and Mango herself appeared unfazed as she was enamoured enough with this new private dormitory that she has even abandoned her search for alternative real estate. The living room boasts a doggie bed and a couple of sofas for her to have some well-deserved power naps on and an area for private dining.

Within their first two weeks, these plump little princes crushed not only the 2 lb. barrier, but the 3 lb. barrier and are caressing the 4 lb. mark. We have a suspicion that someone’s been sneaking them donuts. Such is their desire for libation that in one instance Mr. Sandstorm was even mistakenly trying to latch on to Mr. Lightning Bolt’s ear. Despite their girth and zero stress lifestyle, the puppies are getting their share of exercise. Since we’ve added numerous stuffed animals to the whelping box, it forces the little ones to climb over the obstacles to reach their target (usually the milk bar or a sibling to sleep on) thereby building muscle mass. As well, when they lie sleeping, they are constantly twitching – a state known as “activated sleep”. These involuntary actions help strengthen their leg muscles. The net result is that they are now able to stagger around on all fours like the last guests at a sorority party.

Puppies are born with their eyes closed to help protect them in the in the womb, during birth and beyond. Almost like clockwork as it was in this litter too, their eyes opened around day twelve allowing the puppies initially to only differentiate between light and dark. The haze clears over a week or so and they begin to experience normal sight. No doubt they will be spending some time trying to understand the tenancy of their whelping box and to distinguish between the toys and their siblings. Of course, there’s never any question as to who mom is. The pups are able to hear quite well as soon as their ears have opened but it will take some time before they can figure out what it is they’re hearing and which of their siblings is making the biggest racket.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another captivating installment of “Puppy Tales”.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mango and Storm’s Litter – Week One

Mr. Snowstorm

“The GPS Malfunction”

It was nighttime and while the moon lit up the path in front of him, he was unable to see. He had been wandering around aimlessly for an indeterminate amount of time and was very hungry. How much further? When would he reach that warm haven he remembered where food was in great abundance? He was tired and growing frustrated so he began to cry, a whimper at first and before long, he began to wail. Just then, he felt his body miraculously being lifted up for all of a moment and suddenly he realized he had reached his destination. Such was Mr. Lightning Bolt’s big adventure one night in the confines of the 48” x 48” whelping box that the puppies call home, until we “air-lifted” him to the comfort and safety of his mom, just a few inches away.

Puppies are born without sight or hearing and their eyes don’t open until sometime during the second week, so for now their senses of smell and touch are what guide them to their target. They use their tiny forelimbs, coupled with great tenacity, to propel themselves around as they seek out their sustenance and warmth. Since their body temperatures will not have been regulated until after week three, the little gang relies on their mother and each other for warmth.

With only five in the litter and a generous amount of room at the milk bar, the puppies are able to gorge themselves on the seemingly endless supply of mom’s milk that contains antibodies vital for the first several weeks of their lives. Thanks to Mango’s dedication, the milk bar is open twenty-four hours a day so the puppies’ weights have more than doubled since birth. We weigh them at least twice daily for the first couple of weeks to carefully monitor their progress. Of course the pups don’t spend their entire time eating; they spend a great deal of time sleeping and a bit of time in the gym as well. We’ve introduced a few stuffed animals into the whelping box that the plump little minions need to climb over as they scurry about in search of a snack. With his generously endowed pipes, Mr. Twister has no reservations about making his wishes known. It seems that no one is content until the sound of smacking lips fills the room.

Mango has demonstrated a tremendous resolve in her role as a mom. Despite the puppies’ birth via C-section, Mango cared for them immediately, licking and nudging each of her offspring to clean and stimulate them. For the first couple of days, we literally had to drag Mango out of the whelping box for her bathroom breaks. She even insisted on “dining in” so that she could continually tend to her flock. And just to ensure that we didn’t get a good night’s sleep, Mango herself even whined when a puppy crawled too far away! Throughout the week, Mango decided that she might still be able to improve on the warm, clean surroundings of the whelping box as she stole out into the yard to excavate a nice muddy hole to house her new family in. We’re hoping to be able to change her mind very soon.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another beguiling installment of “Puppy Tales”

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