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Bella and Hudson’s Litter – Week Three

“The Lion Tamer” Mr. Gingerbread and Miss Snowflake This week Bella and her puppies made the big move from the bedroom to their own private sanctuary in the library. At the same time, the extension was added to the whelping box providing Bella with a little lounge to curl up in or give some of her little ones private feedings. The room also has other amenities like a sofa that Bella uses for naptime and that we can use for visits and a place to pamper the puppies with the seemingly endless series of pedicures. Since the days are short and nights are long, in the winters we outfit the whelping box with full spectrum lighting to ensure that the puppies have a source of vitamin D before they are able to go outside. The library is off the main foyer - the hub of the house - sort of a Grand Central Station. From her vantage point on the sofa overlooking the whelping box, Bella likes to lie there watching over her little flock, keeping an eye on the goings

Bella and Hudson’s Litter – Week Two

The Real Estate Agent” Miss Holly A mother is many things to her newborn pups. She provides them with the warmth necessary for their survival as their body temperature is three degrees below normal at birth, climbing a degree each week thereafter. She stimulates them to get them to breathe at birth by licking and to encourage their bodily functions until they get the hang of it themselves. She provides them with nourishment in her milk which contains antibodies vital for the first several weeks of their lives. Bella demonstrated another role earlier in the week during her bathroom breaks. Despite the creature comforts we have provided her inside the house, she would poke around at one of the two spots in the yard that she has chosen for her puppies. She would then run back to the door to see if they were going to follow her there, thus playing the part of a real estate agent. This was a big week for the puppies as their eyes began to open. Miss Snowfl

Bella and Hudson’s Puppies – Week One

  Miss Snowflake wearing her "Milk Moustache". This first week has flown by for us, but for the puppies it must seem like an eternity. At this stage, they spend virtually all of their time eating and sleeping which allows them to almost double their birth weight in the first week. It’s remarkable how within minutes of being born, they are able to seek out their mother’s teat and begin nursing. Puppies are born without sight or hearing and it will be a while before their eyes open, so for now their senses of smell and touch are what guide them to their mom’s nipples. As a matter of interest, most of our Goldens have ten nipples, but it is not uncommon for a bitch to have an uneven number. For that matter, Bella has eleven! The puppies don’t stray too far at the moment. They propel themselves around with their tiny forelimbs and a great deal of determination. Occasionally, we’ll hear crying in the middle of the night when one little soul has lost his way an

Bella and Hudson Puppies - One Day Old

Miss Mistletoe We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Bella and Hudson’s puppies. After an exhausting couple of days, Bella now has eleven beautiful puppies delivered by emergency C-section; six adorable girls and five handsome boys.  Mom and pups are doing great. Bella began having small contractions last week and by Saturday night, they seemed to intensify. On Sunday, she was focused on digging a nest for her pups in the yard and by the evening, she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. As time passed and she was not progressing with her contractions, we took her to the vet clinic for an ultrasound. The verdict was that the pups were becoming a bit stressed so they needed a little help with their coming out party. We are so thankful to the amazing staff at Graham Animal clinic, Dr. Carol Graham and Dr. Rasa Levstein for their compassionate care of not only Bella and her pups, but us as well.  Bella just arrived home with her 11 puppies. B

Maddie and Jazz’s Litter – Week Eight

Miss Lilac "Chloe" Regalgoldens Bronze Bombshell The first one came across in a stealth-like manner. Shortly thereafter another one, followed by another. Upon discovering a weak link in the fence that separated the puppies from the rest of the pack, their biggest fan Haydain was able to breach the barrier. Needing no second invitation, Heidi and Whitney followed suit to the delight of little group who welcomed their large playmates enthusiastically. After a brief, yet invigorating play period, order was restored. This week, the gang made their first trip to the veterinarian for their check-ups, vaccines and micro-chips. This brave bunch passed all their tests with flying colours. Not ones to leave an opportunity wasted, the puppies spent their waiting time trying to pull down the plastic ends of the garbage bag that lined Dr. Matt’s wastebasket. Fortunately he has a sense of humour (and a Golden of his own). It was another great week weather wise, so the puppies sp

Mango and Steele’s Litter – Week Eight

Abby - Miss Cranberry "Regalgoldens Dream Lover" How do they come up with this stuff? We witness a lot of antics with the puppies, but this one was rather innovative. Picture two puppies inside a plastic doggie crate with the door removed and another two puppies outside the crate, rolling it over as if it were a drum or a tumble drier. How on earth do they get everyone to buy into these pranks….especially the puppies inside the crate?! This was another big week for the group as they went on car rides. There was some minor protesting at the outset, but remarkably the entire group settled within minutes and allowed the gentle rocking motion of the car to coddle them to sleep. One such outing was to the veterinary clinic where they received their check-ups, vaccines and micro-chips. Everyone was exceptionally well behaved, but we could swear we heard a collective sigh of relief as we pulled into the driveway at home. No week is complete with lots of playtime and once ag