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Our goal is to breed and raise exceptional quality British Style Golden Retrievers. Our bloodlines are from only the most respected kennels worldwide. We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club, UK Kennel Club and GRCC and strictly adhere to their code of ethics. Our breeding dogs have passed all health clearances for eyes, heart, hips and elbows.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sierra and Hudson’s Litter – Week Seven

How fast we grow!

“The Ninja”

We weren’t exactly sure how she did it, but she stealthily executed the manoeuver time and time again. It seems as though Sierra is already experiencing doggie-equivalent visions of lounging on a sandy beach sipping drinks with umbrellas in them, so it’s no surprise that she doesn’t want to nurse her puppies as often any more. And that’s where Whitney comes in and our story begins. Whitney, whose litter had all left the roost except for Mr. Raven, assumed the role of Godmother. After a time, were finally able to observe how she accomplished her clandestine feat. First Whitney would run to the far end of the whelping box to lure the puppies there. Then she would run to the opposite end, jump up onto the sofa that’s behind the whelping boxes and do a swan dive into the whelping box, landing nimbly every time just so she could nurse Sierra’s puppies. There’s certainly something to be said about the generous nature of Goldens.

But Golden courtesy didn’t stop there. The gang had a huge playdate with Heidi’s litter which also included Mr. Raven, the last of Whitney’s litter yet to go home to his forever family. During the past week, he was their houseguest and Sierra’s puppies did their utmost to make him feel welcome; from jousting to chases to his quietly sharing the end of a stick with his pal, Mr. Screwdriver. This was a tightly knit group and everyone got along famously despite the size differences. Mr. Grasshopper ran around in circles while Miss Kahlua, Miss Cosmopolitan and Miss Limoncello were content with cuddles and quiet socializing. Sierra even took a page out of Whitney’s book by planting herself in our laps. To add to the congenial atmosphere, the three moms: Heidi, Sierra and Whitney all provided drinks on the house to any takers irrespective of whose litter they belonged to!

Sierra’s puppies were initially quite reserved in their behaviour, but like so many things in life, that too has changed. Times were they would lie like little anchors on the towels in the whelping box, seldom stirring. Now they’re at a stage where those towels have become playthings, so their bedroom is in complete disarray, resembling that of a rebellious adolescent’s. Fortunately the weather was somewhat co-operative, so the puppies spent a good deal of time outside and were even able to enjoy a few picnics outside on the lawn. There’s nothing like country air to stimulate an appetite. Mind you, this bunch hasn’t really needed country air to devour anything we put in front of them. And they have the bellies to prove it.

So to all of our little ones who have provided us so much joy, laughter and so many cuddles throughout the past eight weeks, we know that you’ll be loved and no matter where your journeys take you, “you’ll be in our hearts”.

That concludes this edition of “Puppy Tales”.  See you next litter!
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Heidi and Rockit’s Litter – Week Five

What fun we have had this week!

“The Hazing”

They knew it was wrong but everyone was tight-lipped about the incident.  While some avoided making eye contact, a scan of faces, expressions and body language yielded no further clues. This was a rough crowd. The prospect of cooperation was unlikely and further interrogation would prove to be futile. What was evident was that Mr. Bunny, one of the pack’s beloved stuffed animals was found submerged in the water bowl, the apparent victim of a hazing ritual. Once Mr. Bunny was washed and dried, the puppies made certain to include him in all of their play activities; no doubt their guilty consciences prevailed.

There are some things most of us take for granted: like walking on grass. During this week’s introduction of the group to the great outdoors, Mr. Chocolate Fudge was among the first to experience this odd type of ground covering. Fascinated by every sight, smell and sound, he forged ahead pausing only to sample a crusty leaf. Despite some initial hesitation from Miss Plum Pudding and Miss Blueberry Tart, the gang quickly felt at ease in their new surroundings, their tails fluttering away like tiny metronomes. Mr. Twinkie and Mr. Apple Crisp lent a certain ambiance to the event with their euphoric happy growls. Amid the chaos of running in circles or pouncing on one another, there were skill-testing events like rock-climbing which Mr. Chocolate Fudge and Mr. Key Lime Pie chose to participate in. Going up was easy. Getting back down posed a whole other set of challenges, culminating in either a leap off the precipice or a hasty rump slide to safety.

No sporting event is complete without snacks of some kind. As a few of the puppies quietly munched away on leaves and twigs, Heidi and “Aunt” Whitney happily provided free liquid refreshments from their milk wagons. Needless to say, all of the exercise, nourishment and fresh country air took their toll on the pack and before long each of the little ones lapsed into a long deep sleep to help them get refreshed for their next playtime. This is only the beginning.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another stimulating installment of “Puppy Tales”.
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Sierra and Hudson’s Litter – Week Six

Lets Play!

“The Mission”

She knew her window of opportunity was small. The breakfast rush was over and the rest period had begun. Even the guards were drowsy from their morning indulgence. She surveyed the wall for an apparent vulnerability and quietly thrust herself over it. Once on the other side, she paused and listened, her escape thus far undetected. She made her way around the walled enclosure and came upon some steps leading up to a large open area. This was the area the guards were lounging in but they appeared to be fast asleep. She climbed the stairs and made her way through. She was somewhat nervous, pausing for a brief bathroom break before pressing on and assessing the avenues available to her. It was at that moment when a large human appeared, stepped over Whitney, Heidi and Sierra, all fast asleep and oblivious to the goings on and apprehended Miss Kahlua in the foyer. Her freedom was short-lived, but she had to try. She’d heard of Miss Jade from Whitney’s litter, already a legend at eight weeks of age, for her unrivaled four escapes in a single day. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

The week began with the puppies engaging in product testing spill-proof water bowls. They subjected them to tests under various conditions and determined that the bowls can actually be substituted for other toys and used for their amusement. The group concluded that when the bowls are inverted, they’re really not so spill-proof anymore. The puppies’ appetite for discovery and innovation is rivaled only by their appetite for food. They’re eating well, much to Sierra’s chagrin, since there are rarely any left-overs for her. Everyone is gaining well and they all have the waistlines to prove it. Their muzzles are lengthening and are beginning to look a bit more like the adults they will eventually become. Their emotions are becoming apparent too, so they whine to show fear, whimper if they’re hurt and bark when they are excited or want attention.

The gang was able to enjoy a great deal of playtime outside this week and outings with Whitney’s litter were now a regular occurrence. Since most of Whitney’s puppies have already left to go to their forever homes, Mr. Zinc and Mr. Raven are now bunking with Sierra’s mini-pack. With some of the windy conditions we experienced during the week, there was no shortage of little twigs for the pups to munch on or play tug of war with. Their play is becoming a bit more coordinated and adult-like, but they’re still just kids at heart. And that spinning around trying to chase your tail thing never gets old. Toward the end of a long, fun-filled day, the puppies like to get some good night cuddles before they drift off to sleep dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures and it’s as if their gazes are whispering “You’re all I need to get by”.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another riveting installment of “Puppy Tales”.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heidi and Rockit’s Litter – Week Four

We are a cute bunch!

“Pick Me!”

The sound is unmistakable. It can happen at any time throughout the day or night. Sometimes it’s a howl but at other times it sounds like a baby crying. And that’s our cue. Heidi’s litter has progressed to the point where they crave extra attention. The little ones are becoming more responsive to their environment, reacting to every sight and sound, watching us very intently as we move around the whelping box. It’s a challenge to reach in without having a herd of little feet anchoring the very towel we’re trying to swap out. Their tiny voices call out as if to say “pick me, pick me!” No longer content hobnobbing with their littermates, they relish being picked up and caressed, all the while nibbling on our noses and bathing us with little puppy kisses. These are among the blissful moments that make our journey worthwhile.

Now that the whelping box has an extension, the puppies have room to run laps. They typically use the original portion as their lounge where they sleep, play, dine and cuddle with each other. The addition, lined with unprinted newspaper and shredded paper is occasionally used as a gym when it’s clean and afterward for “relief”. The group has an elaborate play station at their disposal (no batteries required) and are developing their strength, co-ordination and cognitive skills as well as learning how to engage in an activity with a littermate. This is the beginning of a key socialization period for the puppies and they’re spending lots of time playing with one another. They test each other’s limits and learn the difference between hard and soft biting.  They also take turns sleeping at the top and bottom of the sibling pile. Since their hunting and chasing instincts are emerging, we ensure that they have plenty of plush toys to play and cuddle with.

There’s no question that meal-time is a highlight for the puppies. Every time the bowl in the shape of a ring makes its appearance, the gang leaps to attention and makes a bee-line for it. Sometimes various spots get so crowded that we have to air-lift one or two of the little minions to the other side of the bowl to ensure everyone gets their fill. Much to Heidi’s chagrin, there are rarely any leftovers. Since the puppies are enjoying three daily meals of mush, Heidi gets a well-deserved reprieve from her responsibility as the milk-maiden. But mom is still a good sport in providing her little family with some added nourishment throughout the day.

With the increased control over their facial muscles, the puppies are making expressions and are beginning to reveal their personalities and convey their opinions. They’re learning to communicate with each other and us by wagging their tails. I think there’s even a song about that!

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another enriching installment of “Puppy Tales”.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Whitney and Jazz’s Litter – Week Seven

Play, play, play...

“The Bouffant”

It was a cool October day. There was a gentle breeze rustling through the trees and the sun’s rays danced in and out between the clouds. Off in the distance a bird was chirping and there was the occasional crackle from the crusty carcass of a dried leaf as it tumbled to the ground. This was the perfect day for Whitney’s litter of seven and Sierra’s litter of five to come together for their long awaited mega-playtime. Everyone looked their best, albeit Mr. Raven’s mane appears to have a perpetual static charge so that it always looks like he has a bouffant hairdo and may be in need of some gel to tame it. That didn’t slow him down in the least as he set forth to get better acquainted with Miss Cosmopolitan from Sierra’s litter. In the meantime, Mr. Sapphire chased after Miss Kahlua whose adventures took them to the remote corners of the rock garden.

The two moms acted as chaperones for this get-together, but in all of the confusion we realized that there were three adults present. We assumed it was Bailey, who adores puppies, rolling around on her back with three or four of the little minions climbing atop her. We then realized it was Chanel, still very much a puppy herself at five months of age. Her young age notwithstanding, Chanel was very gentle and respectful of the little ones. She alternated between the back rolling and racing around the yard with the puppies bounding after her at top speed. While the rest of the group were puppy wrestling, rock climbing and chasing one another, Whitney was bigheartedly providing some libation to a group consisting of Miss Kahlua, Miss Cosmopolitan and Miss Limoncello from Sierra’s litter.

With each litter, there are some new aspects of puppy behaviour that we learn. For instance, puppies seem to know instinctively if there’s something in your pocket regardless of whether it’s food or not. It could be a plastic bag, paper towel or a tissue; it matters not.  They will find it. It also never ceases to amaze us that the first time a puppy encounters a twig, they know without any hesitation whatsoever, exactly what to do with it. It’s as if it’s in their DNA.

To our sweet little puppies who have given us so much love and happiness these past eight weeks, when we think of you we’ll find comfort in knowing how much happiness you will bring to your new families. You have given us so many kisses and memories that we’ll treasure always. So long, little ones. We wish you all the best in your journey, but most of all, we wish you love.

That concludes this edition of “Puppy Tales”.  See you next litter!
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Sierra and Hudson’s Litter – Week Five

Drinks are on me!

“The Block Party”

It was a beautiful fall day and there was electricity in the air. The preparatory work in the kitchen was now complete and the persistent thud of a bass drum resonated through the speakers. There was a buzz among the some of the guests as they milled around in anticipation of the big event that was moments away. The two chaperones were already in the garden waiting to welcome everyone. The stage was set and we were ready. All the puppies from both Sierra and Whitney’s litters were led into the yard to have their first playdate together. The scene resembled a dance floor on prom night. Some of the participants were initially a little shy as they scoped out the new group. Ever the playboy, Mr. Raven from Whitney’s litter wasted no time in getting to know Miss Cosmopolitan and there was little question that Mr. Sapphire fancied Miss Kahlua.

Playtime took on a whole new dynamic and everyone was having lots of fun, ourselves included. This enhanced socialization was a big benefit to the puppies in helping to establish the foundation for their current and future relationships with both animals and humans. Before long and despite the age difference, all the puppies became fast friends as they frolicked in the yard. Everyone settled into a variety of activities. Some chose to try their hand at rock climbing while others settled in with a nice little twig, either alone or with a friend. There were a few groups who favoured wrestling, jousting or playing rugby without a ball. Even the moms didn’t discern between who was who. During one break in the action when the drinks were flowing, Miss Kahlua, Miss Cosmopolitan and Miss Limoncello enjoyed a serving of the beverage that their “Aunt Whitney” had on tap. It was quite a Utopian environment without conflict or prejudice – just good, clean fun.

The puppies are learning to communicate as they wag their tails to us and to each other. With the increased control over their facial muscles, they are making expressions, beginning to reveal their personalities and voice their opinions. They bark, growl, squeak, yelp, chirp and howl – whatever it takes to get someone’s attention, including each other’s. And while their play is becoming a bit more coordinated and adult-like, they’re still just kids at heart. Mind you, the puppies were so spent from their big playdate, that in the ensuing naptime some of them sounded like grandpa snoring on the sofa after a huge Thanksgiving dinner.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another enthralling installment of “Puppy Tales”.
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Heidi and Rockit’s Litter – Week Three

Mr. Chocolate fudge.

“Call of the Wild”

It was a cold morning and the air was crisp and clean. Patches of frost on the grass were being threatened by the sun’s rays breaking through the trees. Tiny droplets of humidity were forming on the inside of the windows. In an instant, the tranquility was broken by a lone voice somewhere within the confines of Heidi’s whelping box. It was howl, albeit like that of a miniature wolf. Before long, the inhabitants joined together in a haphazard unison, delivering their own call of the wild. With a little experimentation, we realized that by whistling, we could coax the puppies to howl on command.

The puppies are growing rapidly and it’s amazing to watch the transformation every day as they become more mobile and their personalities begin to emerge. They are starting to play with each other and are spending more time awake each day so we’ve added the extension to the whelping box to give the gang more room to meander around in and even pick up a bit of speed. They are also interacting more with our family as we are greeted with seven wagging tails and tiny faces that peer up at us. The puppies are all so soft and gentle and they lap up every ounce of affection they receive. It’s impossible to resist picking up and cuddling each and every one.

This week saw the introduction of the puppies to gruel or mush:  a healthy concoction of oatmeal, honey, goat’s milk and vitamins to supplement the feedings they get from their mom. It’s always interesting to see how things take shape during the inaugural feeding. They’re usually a little apprehensive about consuming something their mom didn’t deliver. Mr. Twinkie and Miss Blueberry Tart needed no second invitation and their message to the rest of the group was clear. One by one, the puppies descended upon the bowl to see what the fuss was all about. Toward the end of the feast, unrestricted by etiquette, both Mr. Twinkie and Mr. Key Lime Pie were walking through the bowl and even laying down in it. Heidi also enjoys mealtime because she gets to finish the left-overs (if there are any) and lick the sticky mess (also known as dessert) off their faces. Of course, the milk bar is still open 24/7 and remains a popular venue.

Heidi continues to be a stellar mom and even begins to whine if she can’t get back to her babies quickly enough to attend to them. Mind you, she relishes her leisure time and despite the multiple barriers we’ve put in her way, still makes her daily pilgrimage to our bedroom in the mornings for her own bit of rest and relaxation.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another inspiring installment of “Puppy Tales”.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Whitney and Jazz’s Litter – Week Six

“Miss Houdini”

She managed to accomplish the feat not once, but twice in the same week. And we’re still perplexed as to how she got away with it. Miss Jade has now found at least two means of escape from the whelping box. As we examined the evidence, we suspect that the first time, she launched herself over the opening off an unsuspecting sibling’s body. In another instance, it would appear that she managed to fasten herself to Whitney on her way out of the whelping box and used her mother like a Trojan horse. We’re keeping a close watch on this one.

There’s no shortage of excitement outside. On one particular outing, Miss Crimson and Miss Marigold followed their mom up the five inch step leading to the living room’s exterior door. Since it wasn’t time to go in yet, we summoned Whitney back to the play area to spend some more time with the rest of her pack. Whitney obliged, leaving the two girls alone on the step to contemplate their next move. For an eight inch tall being, the height must have seemed daunting so the two approached the brink with the utmost apprehension. Miss Marigold got too close to the edge and fell off the step into a summersault, landing back on her feet. Miss Crimson promptly followed suit. To our amazement, they both climbed back on the step and repeated the exercise until they both realized they could simply step down. In the meantime, the rest of the pack was racing around hither and thither with no apparent motive. They spontaneously dart across the lawn at top speed, but lacking the necessary balance and coordination to go the distance, the sprint also culminates in a tumble. It’s a good thing puppies at this age are seemingly made of rubber.

Whitney is such a gentle soul – the biggest lapdog of all. As we’re spread out on the lawn to play with the puppies, Whitney likes to take centre stage and sit on our laps. When the puppies aren’t trying to steal a drink from their mom’s milk bar, they circle us and jump up like snapping turtles in an attempt to bite or lick our noses. Of course they miss and tumble over most of the time, but it’s all good spirited fun. One by one, the little minions drift off to sleep, spent from the day’s activities. We then have to carry them back to their beds to allow them to rest up for the next round of adventures.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another stimulating installment of “Puppy Tales”.
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Sierra and Hudson’s Litter – Week Four

Mr. Grasshopper howling just like his mom.

“All Hail Brittania”

The members of Sierra’s litter are decidedly British high society – perhaps even royalty. They never seem to want to rush anything, even the dawn of a new day. They prefer to be gently roused and summoned to the breakfast table. Their breakfast now consists of mush: a canine smoothie comprised of moistened puppy food, oatmeal, goat’s milk, supplements, probiotics and honey - all blended to perfection. We were surprised that the little ones even formed a queue as they took turns to get their first taste of this delicacy. But again, they didn’t want to rush into that either. After a bit of coaxing, the group gradually got the hang of it and even licked some of the sticky residue off the faces of their littermates, in a very reserved manner of course. (For the record, subsequent meals were consumed in their entirety and conducted in a very orderly fashion.) Mind you, Sierra has spoiled the lot with the continued attendance of her milk carriage. Either way, the puppies get their fill and always enjoy a leisurely post-breakfast nap. In fact, they’re so laid back you’d almost expect each of them to have their own TV remotes in the whelping box.

As much as this lot enjoys their leisure time, they are also getting their fair share of exercise. This is the beginning of a key socialization period for the puppies. When they’re not sleeping or eating, they spend more time playing with one another. Now that they’re gaining strength and coordination, they scurry around at top speed. They pounce or head butt each other resembling furry little bumper cars (Jaguars no doubt). They test each other’s limits and learn the difference between hard and soft biting.  They also take turns sleeping at the top and bottom of the sibling pile. Since their hunting and chasing instincts are kicking in, we ensure that they have plush toys to play and cuddle with, that is until either Sierra or Whitney steals them to play with themselves.

The group’s introduction to the great outdoors has also been a very reserved event. They initially stood there frozen like statues, but eventually managed to loosen up and explore some of the treasures awaiting them in the yard. Not only do these puppies sleep on their backs just like their mom, but they’ve also inherited Sierra’s “happy howl” which they often perform in unison. Paradoxically, Sierra is such a dedicated mom that when Whitney’s litter, located right next door, is occasionally chirping away in the midst of their playtime, Sierra barks at them to keep the noise down. After all, we’re British!

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another regal installment of “Puppy Tales”.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Heidi and Rockit’s Litter – Week Two

Mr. Chocolate Fudge

“The Time Machine”

It was early. The sun had just begun its daily struggle to illuminate the morning sky and the room was still filled with a murky darkness. We heard the rumble off in the distance. Moments later, we heard it again, except much closer. Suddenly the mattress began to ripple from a weight deposited in its centre. Much to our surprise, Heidi had exited the whelping area, broken through two barriers and was guided to our bedroom by her internal GPS for a bit of rest and a morning cuddle.

Heidi’s mastitis has cleared up and she’s ever the happy and loving creature. She is very content with the move of her mini-pack into the library where she can attend to her flock and have lots of room to lounge in. (She has yet to read any books though.) Even her “sister” Sierra comes by routinely just to inspect the goings on in Heidi’s whelping box. While Heidi has welcomed the move, she’s still intent on investigating alternative living spaces in the yard which has resulted in frequent, obligatory foot baths. Since her puppies have tripled in weight since birth, we know that at least they’re content with their new surroundings.

The big news this week is that the little ones have opened their eyes, even if just a bit. Puppies are born with their eyes closed to help protect them in the in the womb, during birth and beyond. They open around day twelve allowing the puppies initially to only differentiate between light and dark. The haze clears over a week or so and they begin to experience normal sight. They are able to hear quite well as soon as their ears have opened but it will take some time before they can figure out what they’re hearing and who they’ve been cuddling with all the while.

There’s something totally relaxing and mesmerizing about watching little puppies -whether they’re nursing or just lying around sleeping. Since their body temperatures will not have been regulated until after week three, the little gang relies on mom and each other for warmth so they huddle together like a quivering mass. As they lie there asleep, they are constantly twitching. These involuntary actions, referred to as “activated sleep”, help strengthen their leg muscles for the mobility they will need to jump off a dock one day. As we hover and watch them, it’s as though time stands still in this little microcosm while the world around us breezes by.


As breeders, we are so very fortunate to be able to experience the miracle of life firsthand and we never tire of the privilege to welcome each and every little soul into this world. But at this time, our hearts are heavy with the loss of our sweet, little Miss Marshmallow. We take some comfort in knowing that “Marsha” experienced more love and care in her brief time on this earth than many other dogs do in their entire lifetime. It’s a solemn reminder of how fragile we are.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another chapter in the continuing saga of “Puppy Tales”.

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