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Pepper, Day 57 (pre-parturition)

Miss Pepper with one week to go 😉 We are heading into the home stretch with our precious Pepper as she continues to get bigger with each passing day. She is slowing down and prefers the cool tile floor to lay on. Despite the loss of her girlish figure, she can still jump onto the sofa to demand cuddles and belly rubs. She measures 36 inches or 91 cm, so she has quite a bit of extra weight to carry around! With just a few more days left to go, the whelping area has been prepared for the big event. She has her meals three times daily and seemingly has an internal alarm clock because within a minute of our usual feeding times she barks to alert us “it’s time”. We will begin to monitor her temperature twice daily as any significant drop would signal the onset of labour.  At this point the fetuses are fully developed and can be born safely. The puppies have basically finished their development and are just growing bigger at this point. Puppies are born without the ability to see and their
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  Pepper – Day 49 (pre-parturition)   Pepper enjoying the first snowfall of the year. Sporting her baby bump! Our precious Pepper is expecting her babies in 2 weeks. She is soaking up all the attention and getting lots of princess snuggle time. Pepper loves her cuddles - especially when we relax with her at the end of the day all the while stretching and moaning as we rub her belly. She ravenously eats all her meals which consist of an unprocessed raw diet with veggies and fruits. We add in folic acid, fish oil and probiotics – everything a pregnant mom needs. Next week we will increase her food and spread it over three meals daily.   Pepper is now sporting a baby bump and measures 32 inches (81.3 cm). She is still quite active with no signs of slowing down as she continues to explore the fence line in search of potential intruders.   Pre-natal period: It is an interesting fact that a dog's tactile perception develops before birth, therefore unborn puppies can detect touch when the

Hudson and Paige Litter – Week Seven

“The Uninvited Houseguest”   Apart from the odd bad-weather day, we’ve had lots of outdoor time with these pups. And when we’re not quick enough to extend our invitation to go outside, we certainly hear about it. Each and every puppy loves their cuddle time but relishes their playtime as well. The piece of culvert we salvaged and have placed on a bit of a decline in the backyard has made a fabulous tunnel and slide. They go up and they go down and race around the other end to do it all over again. Couple that with the usual rock climbing and stick munching and much fun was had by all. Except for that one day when the playing was halted abruptly. The alarm was sounded that there was an “enormous” (garter) snake sunning itself on the grass apparently oblivious to the activity all around. We escorted everyone to the side and coaxed the snake, whom we apparently share the yard with, to its den to an opening underneath the concrete patio. Play resumed as usual.   It’s interesting to witness

Hudson and Paige Litter – Week Six

We have the time of our life outside! “Sound the Alarm!” Mornings around here are pretty routine, but they are extremely busy looking after the pack, the moms and litters of puppies. This one was a bit over the top. We heard all sorts of commotion as we approached the living room where the puppies and their moms reside only to find the living room and kitchen filled with puppies. It seems that Paige had stepped down on the row of slats that block the entrance to her whelping box allowing everyone inside to escape. Not only were her pups bunking there but also Chanel’s brood. Everyone seemed delighted at their newfound freedom and quite content just wandering around. Fortunately, all were very well behaved. Of course, the same was not the case inside the whelping box. Since the pups are well on their way to being fully weaned, they always have a fresh bowl of water at their disposal. To this end, we use a spill-proof bowl. Every now and again, a litter of puppies decides to test that th

Storm and Chanel’s Litter – Week Seven

Just chilling “Belly Rubs” How time flies. A mere seven weeks ago, Chanel’s pups were all chipmunk-size nuggets – all squirmy with little pink feet and noses. They evolved from helpless little bundles to real going concerns that are desperate for backyard time and curious to know what each and every little sight and sound represents. It’s interesting to witness the pups’ growing independence as they venture into the far corners of the yard either on their own or in small groups. When they’re not in full play mode, they love to cuddle and they all tend to roll over and expose their undersides for belly rubs. They’ve also been very instrumental in teaching Paige’s pups the ropes who are a week-and-a-half their juniors. This week included a car ride and visit to our friendly veterinarian. The gang was extremely quiet on the way there and very well behaved in the clinic where they received their checkups and first set of vaccinations. Their examinations were all stellar and so was their be

Hudson and Paige Litter – Week Five

What adventures we've had outside! “Friends” No…not like the TV show. This week we enjoyed watching “Friends – Golden Style”. The weather was perfect for outdoor activities so all week long, Paige’s pups played alongside Chanel’s pups in the yard. The week-and-a-half age difference and size did not matter. If anything, the younger ones took their cue from Chanel’s pups which helped to bolster their confidence. They all took turns settling into our laps for a quick cuddle or bounding around the yard with their pals to explore its wonders of which there are many. Rock climbing is always popular as is staring at the hose reel in bewilderment. The little ones often dart across the lawn at top speed spontaneously but lacking the necessary balance and coordination to go the distance, the sprint also culminates in a tumble and a quick wrestling match if another puppy is nearby. In their more relaxed moments, the abundance of fresh twigs that required reworking was also a crowd pleaser. Th

Storm and Chanel’s Litter – Week Six

  We loving being outside with our momma! “Potty Training”   From day one, these little guys were quite confident and completely comfortable with their outdoor surroundings. They immediately go off to explore the grass, the rockery or munch on fallen twigs. Others used the vastness of the yard to engage in sporting activities with their siblings.  A popular activity is the game of tag in which each puppy exhibits a burst of energy in succession.  Another popular sport involves racing around hither and thither with no apparent motive or destination in mind. The little ones spontaneously dart across the lawn at top speed but lacking the necessary balance and coordination to go the distance, the sprint also culminates in a tumble. It’s a good thing puppies at this age are seemingly made of rubber.  The rock-climbing initiative proves to be very popular.  In their more relaxed moments, the  abundance of fresh twigs that required reworking was also a big hit.    We sure raised the bar on pl