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Faith - Day 50 (pre-parturition)

Faith on the lookout! Faith, aka “The Cookie Monster” This mom-to-be has had a ferocious appetite for the past several weeks. She just can’t seem to get enough food, whether treats or meals - she is always looking for more. This was our first indication she was pregnant followed by her desire for constant affection.  Faith’s abdomen now measures approx. 31 inches or 78.7 cm with two weeks to go. She really hasn’t slowed down much but is certainly more cuddly and affectionate. Her favourite time is when we settle for the evening to watch TV. She has a keen sense of timing, patiently waiting and then jumping up on our laps and literally melts! If we don’t continue to rub her belly, her back leg instinctively kicks, letting us know we can’t stop. Faith is currently eating two healthy meals daily which will most likely increase next week to three smaller meals daily as the pups continue to grow and there is less room for her stomach to expand. This is when the puppies will beg