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Bella x Hudson Puppies - Day 59 Pre-parturition!

What and exciting and adventuresome week we have had! We were greeted with several visitors – all turtles. Below is a picture of our most recent guest – Momma Turtle about 20 inches in length. Momma Turtle laying her eggs Bella, our sweet gentle girl has typically been the watchdog of the family. She would always stride around the perimeter of our property letting all would-be intruders know to stay away. She doesn’t even like animals on TV! However, this week she took on the role of protector. She planted herself in front of Momma Turtle and kept all the other dogs away by barking at them. Wow, what maternal instincts she has. Bella enjoying nap time in the sun after protecting Momma Turtle! Bella continues to blossom as her tummy has expanded to 36.25 inches or 92 cms. Heading into her final week of pregnancy, Bella is just as sweet and loving as ever, however there is definitely a waddle in her walk. Not sure how she managed it, but last night she climbed up on the bed

Bella x Hudson Puppies Day 53 Pre Parturition

I understand there is viewing issues via email please view online Heading into the home stretch! Bella resting comfortably with only 10 days to go! I can’t imagine where the week went. Time is flying by so fast now and before you know it, Bella will have had her beautiful babies! This past week was nice and dry for a change, so Bella spent many hours outdoors soaking up the sun-mostly rolling on her back as you can see. It’s perhaps not the most flattering picture, but as least she is getting her vitamin D, which is so important to both Bella and her pups. Bella rolling around taking in the sunshine! Bella’s abdominal area continues to expand measuring 34 inches or 86 cm. She is less interested in food as her stomach doesn’t have as much room as usual, so we feed her smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Right now her favorite snack is a scrambled egg added to her regular food and supplements. As you can see, Bella is

Beautiful Bella – 46 days (pre-parturition)

Bella is taking it a bit slower these days as she heads into her last 2 weeks of pregnancy! Bella's waistline continues to expand this week and is now 80 cm or 31.5 inches. She has slowed down somewhat more since last week but she continues to watch the others play and joins in on the fun from time to time!  With her growing waistline, there isn’t much room for Bella’s stomach to expand so her meals have become smaller and more frequent. She continues to have a good appetite and especially likes the yoghurt (probiotics) and oatmeal I add to her very nutritious meals. Yoghurt helps with digestion and oatmeal is actually high in protein and vitamins -  plus it tastes good. As we head into the home stretch, we continue to make her as comfortable as possible. More than ever, Bella really loves her belly rubbed so we usually spend our evenings on the sofa with her beside us petting her from head to toe as she watches her favorite TV shows. 

Bella & Hudson's Litter- Day 39 Gestation

  Day 39 (approximately 24 days to go)    Puppy Fetus – 39 days (National Geographic)   Our Bella (International JHA Champion Montego Diamond Giselle) is certainly beginning to show signs she is expecting. Our sweet girl is losing her waistline, eating lots and resting a little more then usual. If she had it her way she would be content to cuddle and have her belly rubbed 24 hours a day. I look forward to each and every minute we can spend together. She has always been a very affectionate girl but she is in overdrive now and we are loving it. Hudson (Canadian Champion Dreamkeeper Unforgettable Song) is never far away from Bella. If she needs to go out during the night he always escorts and watches over her. As we count down the days to the big event we will have lots to prepare. Yesterday, we introduced Bella to her whelping box where she will have her babies. Over the next couple of weeks she will become very familiar with it and we hope she will stop steal