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Bella and Hudson’s Litter – Week Eight

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Bella and Mr. Gingerbread "Timber"   What is it with dogs and sticks? As we let the gang outside for their now-daily romps, we are left with the impression that sticks must have some kind of magnets built into them. Whether they’re buried in the snow or attached to low-hanging trees, the puppies know exactly where to find them. The group was not at all fazed by the cold or the new-fallen snow; rather they embraced the snow as a fun element that they incorporated into their playing. Bella leads each expedition into the far reaches of the yard with the puppies following in single file. Once they’ve returned to the main area, Bella finds herself a spot to keep a watchful eye on her little pack as they frolic in the snow, running and tumbling at top speeds, stopping only occasionally to investigate moss growing on a rock, chew on a twig or work on pruning a tree. The gang had their first car ride this week. A word of advice: when yo