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Mango and Storm’s Litter – Week Seven

Such a handsome bunch. “Boot Camp” Training exercises began very early in the morning as the sun worked its slow trajectory across the sky. The morning dew saturated the grass and the air was beginning to get thick with humidity. With breakfast out of the way, the crew was ready. They scrambled out of their dorm into their warm up jog following their team leader, Mango who was intent on not letting them catch up. The group worked through various manoeuvres which included “hand to hand” combat with sticks, rock climbing and agility training, however it would seem that the crowd favourite was digging a giant foxhole. They usually worked in pairs and before long, they had a hole that was large enough to accommodate two puppies. Rain or shine, this group was intent to repeat their ritual as often as possible each and every day and they appeared unfazed when the weather was less than ideal. On the days that it rained, they wore the mud on their faces like camouflage. When they were c

Mango and Storm’s Litter – Week Six

Do you want to share my stick? “The Conspiracy” It happened in the wee hours of the morning. The moon was but a sliver and light was scarce, but their adrenaline was in abundance. All the time spent planning would be put to the test. As the moment drew near, their fears remained unspoken. One by one they slipped over the wall which had been inadvertently compromised by their custodian’s last visit. Off in the distance, they spotted their objective: their mother Mango fast asleep. They quietly tiptoed over to her in the hopes of a “midnight snack”, but alas Mango was not in the mood to oblige at this hour which left the trio wailing. They might not have achieved what they set out to accomplish with their short-lived freedom, but calm was quickly restored once they were reunited with their brothers in the whelping box. This week was all about treasures and discovery. Since the weather was occasionally a bit unsettled during the week, Mother Nature contributed numerous twigs and bits

Mango and Storm’s Litter – Week Five

Enjoying the great outdoors! “A Bull in a China Shop” He was in a very deep sleep – likely a milk-induced coma. He lay there, gently twitching and feeling oh so comfortable. In his dream, he heard the thunder of hooves all around him. A split second later, Mr. Twister, now rudely awakened, was experiencing the dream. Like a bull in a china shop, Mr. Sandstorm repeatedly stepped on Mr. Twister’s head as he raced around the whelping box with Messrs. Lightning Bolt and Purple Rain in hot pursuit. Whether it was carelessness or they were sending a message, the group wasn’t content until everyone joined in on the fun. We’re not sure if was cabin fever that inspired his actions, but later in the week Mr. Snowstorm catapulted himself over the wall to explore the living room. Once he came to the realization that he was alone, he began to whimper until he was quickly airlifted back to the safety of the whelping box. Since we finally caught a break with the weather, we did not waste the oppo