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Hudson and Paige Litter – Week Seven

“The Uninvited Houseguest”   Apart from the odd bad-weather day, we’ve had lots of outdoor time with these pups. And when we’re not quick enough to extend our invitation to go outside, we certainly hear about it. Each and every puppy loves their cuddle time but relishes their playtime as well. The piece of culvert we salvaged and have placed on a bit of a decline in the backyard has made a fabulous tunnel and slide. They go up and they go down and race around the other end to do it all over again. Couple that with the usual rock climbing and stick munching and much fun was had by all. Except for that one day when the playing was halted abruptly. The alarm was sounded that there was an “enormous” (garter) snake sunning itself on the grass apparently oblivious to the activity all around. We escorted everyone to the side and coaxed the snake, whom we apparently share the yard with, to its den to an opening underneath the concrete patio. Play resumed as usual.   It’s interesting to witness