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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hudson and Faith Litter – Week Five

It's all about playing this week!

“Things that go bump in the Night”

The sun had long since bid farewell. The moon was full but unable to penetrate the cloud cover leaving it quite dark in the house. Wind noisily pushed its way through the trees and tiny pellets of icy snow careened off the windows. Off in the distance a coyote was announcing his presence. In the far corner of the house, we could hear a commotion. Did we remember to lock the living room door where the puppies were sleeping? Had the door blown open? There it was again….a thump and then another one or two in quick succession. We quickly made our way down the hall to investigate but as we approached, the situation became quite clear. The puppies were wrestling and when one of them landed on top of the turtle with the pressure activated music box in its shell, a chorus of “London Bridge is Falling Down” began to play. We were all safe and sound after all.

The dynamic in the whelping box is evolving. This is the beginning of the most influential socialization period for the puppies. They’re learning to communicate with each other and with us by wagging their tails. With the increased control over their facial muscles, they are making expressions and are beginning to reveal their personalities and communicate their opinions. They spend longer periods of time awake and they use it to engage in some manner of play with their siblings whether head butting or wrestling. They’re also craving a lot of attention and affection and fortunately that’s something that’s not hard to provide. Did we mention that this bunch is just plain exceptionally cute?

Despite the activity in their quarters, this group will likely go on record as one of the quietest litters ever. In the past, we’ve had some little ones that screech almost from the day they’re born until the day they leave. Mind you, their forever families assure us that they’re quiet once they leave here. We’re thinking it must have something to do with the water or perhaps it’s group dynamics. On that note, since their food is now prepared a bit dryer, the puppies are drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated. Faith still nurses the puppies occasionally to supplement their diet of moistened puppy food, albeit with waning enthusiasm. Fortunately everyone is demonstrating good manners in the mess hall.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another regal installment of “Puppy Tales”.

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