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Friday, April 25, 2014

Mango and Haydain’s Litter – Week Three

Mr. Orchid

“The Good Samaritan”

It was a very still evening as the glow of the sun’s rays ebbed in the distance and Mother Nature’s traffic slowed to a crawl. The birds had settled in for the night and off in the distance, the crickets began their cheerful chorus.  Meanwhile in the whelping box, it began without warning. There was no indication as to who the instigator was, but before long the entire puppy-pack was howling like miniature wolves, each united in a song of their own making with multiple tracks laid randomly atop each other. And this, of course was the prelude to dinnertime.

Of all the things a mother is to her pups, one of her key roles is that of a real estate agent. Despite the improvements we made to the whelping box by adding the “lounge” extension to it, Mango asserts that there must be more suitable accommodations for her pups elsewhere. Without access to the “interpet”, she heads out each day on foot in search of new listings. The puppies, on the other hand have embraced their new lounge/jungle gym area. Now that they are increasingly alert and active, Miss Lily volunteered to be the first to investigate. Their curiousity piqued, the rest quickly followed. Once comfortable with it, they began to use it as an area to play in, engage in Ultimate Puppy Wrestling or just to have a quiet nap away from the pack.

Throughout the week, Mango’s litter shared their lounge, their toys and their playtime with Bailey’s puppies. There was the usual rubbing of noses, nibbling of ears and butting of heads, but all in all, the group was very cordial with their guests. As they all drifted off to sleep, weary from an exhilarating play session, they all found comfort in being picked up and cuddled.

One of the most heartwarming events of the week was to witness Bailey, a new mom herself demonstrating her affection for Mango’s puppies. Whenever Mango was on a break or off searching for real estate, Bailey would not only check in on Mango’s pups, but would also take it upon herself to nurse them. Now that’s a Good Samaritan.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another electrifying installment of “Puppy Tales”.

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