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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hugo and Heidi’s Litter – Week Six-and-a-half

This week was all about having fun!

“Son of Godzilla!”

This week saw a mixed bag of activities for the mini-pack. The weather cooperated just enough to allow the gang to enjoy some outdoor fun. Demonstrating his Canadian birthright, Mr. Thistle honed his stick-handling abilities on the lawn, albeit there was no puck involved. In keeping with Mr. Thistle’s sports theme, Miss Peach practiced her cheerleading skills by tumbling across the yard. Miss Sky proved to be more of nature buff as she was frozen in her tracks, completely mesmerized by a couple of passing butterflies. And Miss Meadow took frequent breaks from playing with the others for some extreme cuddling. Their mom, all the while set up an outpost partway down the yard so she could keep a watchful eye on her brood while she munched on a giant stick.

To kick things up a notch, we had both Heidi and Surrey’s litters outside in the yard together for a giant play fest. The two groups quickly blended together with a common purpose: to have fun. At one point there was even a line-up to get into one of the two crates that we keep outside for their enjoyment. It seems they were using the crates as some kind of fun house. There were chases overtop the rockery and some kind of conference in progress around the water bowl. Meanwhile across the yard, a romance was brewing between Miss Chestnut and Mr. Shine from Surrey’s litter.

When rain and extreme temperatures restricted playtime to the indoors, the group made the most of their environment. While most of his siblings were fast asleep, Mr. Granite indiscriminately plodded over them as he trudged around the perimeter of the whelping box like a miniature Godzilla. At least Miss Peach who enjoyed running laps around the box was much more courteous in her endeavour. Of course there’s always that one puppy on their own schedule. Miss Mulberry was in the bedroom portion of the whelping box still enjoying a nap while the rest of the gang was immersed in play. When her roommates jostled her out of her slumber, she let her expression do the talking…the young lady was clearly not amused.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another captivating installment of “Puppy Tales”.
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