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Howie and Pepper Litter – Week Six


We're growing by the minute and cute as ever!

“The Amusement Park”

This has been a very well-behaved litter. They’re pretty quiet, play nicely with others and are very smart. Their ability to hit the mark in the restroom (the potty tray filled with shredded paper) is unprecedented. Sooner or later, it was bound to happen that some little culprits broke rank and marred their stellar reputation. The other day we found a little stuffed chick floating in the water bowl – the victim of an apparent hazing incident. We have no idea who instigated it and no one’s talking!

Mother Nature has been less than cooperative with the weather which has ranged from snowy/slushy rain to an extreme deep freeze. Normally, we’d have had a litter this age outside, so under the circumstances we had to be a bit creative, so we set up a fully decked out amusement park in the kitchen. The floor was lined with mats and towels. There were many stuffies, balls, a giant play station and a maze of tunnels. The first go-round was a big hit and by the second day everyone had lost all their inhibitions. They ran, played chase, stood and barked, bashed away at the dangling toys on the play station and ran through the tunnels. Not to be left out, Pepper acted as a mobile concession stand offering refreshments to all. At either end of the kitchen, we set up a feature they enjoyed almost more than anything – the love laps. We sat cross-legged while the pups sampled first one lap and then the other, offering nips, cuddles and kisses along the way. They had so much fun and were so spent that they began to drift off on the floor, one by one.

The pups now get three meals a day and the bowl they eat out of resembling a giant cowboy hat is typically licked clean to a polish. We do have to give Pepper a lot of credit since she keeps the milk bar open 24/7 for top-ups although we’re certain she relishes the break she gets from each puppy’s twenty-eight razor sharp teeth! Since everyone is growing so quickly, they need weekly grooming, and even the boys enjoy spa day with mani-pedis as much as the girls do. Of course, we’re not using colour on anyone just yet.

That’s it for now but be sure to join us next week for another engaging installment of “Puppy Tales”.


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