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Storm & Olivia Litter – Week Four

We're alert, eating well and love to play together.

“The Godfather of Soul”

The gang has evolved from sounding like a flock of pigeons to something completely different. We’re not sure who takes the lead, but sometimes when they wake up and begin to stir wanting food, there’s one pup who begins to vocalize like James Brown. Before long, many of the others join in unison albeit that bears no resemblance to singing in harmony.

Olivia and her bunch have moved out of the bedroom and relocated into the living room; a veritable V.I.P. room for moms. She has a sofa and a loveseat to stretch out on for her ultimate relaxation while being able to keep a watchful eye and ear on her brood. What’s more, she has a private yard for a little walkabout which her puppies will eventually use as their playground.  The puppies now have numerous plush toys at their disposal and in order to accommodate their rapid growth and increased mobility, we’ve removed the pig rails and added an extension to the whelping box. This has doubled its size giving the gang lots more room to play in, so they are now able to pick up speed to scramble from end to end. 

The little ones are developing their strength, co-ordination and cognitive skills as well as learning how to engage in activities with their littermates, even if it’s just bumping heads. They typically congregate in groups ranging in size from two to four taking turns nibbling on one another and play fighting. Since their hunting and chasing instincts are emerging, they practice with their siblings or their plush toys. They are also getting used to a variety of household noises including clanging pots, vacuuming, the tv and (soul) music.

The gang had their first fresh food feeding of hormone and antibiotic-free meat with organic fruits and vegetables, goat’s milk, pre and probiotics, vitamin C, K9 Puppy Gold - a powerful blend of essential nutrients that target skeletal and muscular formation to aid growth, development and the immune system. The inaugural serving was on the messy side and most ended up covered in food from head to toe. Despite this, the group was highly focused on the task at hand until the food bowl was squeaky clean and of course they helped clean each other up. Olivia keeps the milk bar open 24/7 for top-ups but we’re certain she relishes the break she gets from each puppy’s twenty-eight razor sharp teeth! 

That’s it for now but be sure to join us next week for another enthralling installment of “Puppy Tales”.


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