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Hudson and Paige Litter – Week Five

What adventures we've had outside!


No…not like the TV show. This week we enjoyed watching “Friends – Golden Style”. The weather was perfect for outdoor activities so all week long, Paige’s pups played alongside Chanel’s pups in the yard. The week-and-a-half age difference and size did not matter. If anything, the younger ones took their cue from Chanel’s pups which helped to bolster their confidence. They all took turns settling into our laps for a quick cuddle or bounding around the yard with their pals to explore its wonders of which there are many. Rock climbing is always popular as is staring at the hose reel in bewilderment. The little ones often dart across the lawn at top speed spontaneously but lacking the necessary balance and coordination to go the distance, the sprint also culminates in a tumble and a quick wrestling match if another puppy is nearby. In their more relaxed moments, the abundance of fresh twigs that required reworking was also a crowd pleaser.

The interior of their whelping box has been made more spacious and luxurious with the removal of the pig rails and the addition of a 4 ft x 4 ft extension. We’ve also set up an area with paper shredding in the corner of the whelping box, the little ones are learning to use it as a litter box of sorts. This is another step toward potty training as they make an adjustment to using the great outdoors on a more frequent basis. Paige is still nursing the pups quite frequently despite their 28 razor sharp teeth, but she is gradually winding down as they are being weaned.

Since the pups are get more socialized with each passing day, it’s impossible to walk past the whelping box without patting someone on the head or picking someone up for some quality cuddle time. Life is good.

That’s it for now but be sure to join us next week for another regal installment of “Puppy Tales”.


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