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Bronson and Tulips Puppies - 2 Weeks old

It's been two weeks since we were born! 

The puppies are growing rapidly and time is flying by! 

This week marked a milestone as the puppies' eyes opened and they began to walk without assistance. Currently, they weigh about 3 oz and gain about two to three pounds daily. Each pup is weighed once a day now to ensure they are gaining weight and getting enough nutrition. It's no problem for Tulip to keep the milkbar open all day and night for them.

We will begin feeding the pups solid fresh food mixed with vitamin supplements and raw goat's milk next week. Over the next several weeks, we will wean them off momma's milk. Therefore, Tulip will supplement their diet rather than serve as their main food source. 

The puppies' nails are being cut weekly now and I recommend you continue this at least every three weeks. In addition to providing traction, short nails also protect your floors. 

Tulip now moves freely in and out of the whelping box, and when "room service" arrives for her, she promptly leaves the whelping box. Tulip has a tremendous appetite and is being fed four times daily now.  Several times, Mr. Blue Bell has been attached to her and ended up on the bedroom carpet! He didn't seem to mind and waited for me to "air lift" him back to be with his siblings.

Stay tuned ......

PS Check your inbox for an invitation to watch the puppies live 10 am to 6 pm approximately. Note; times will vary daily. Additionally, I will send you weekly information about caring for your new family member.


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