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Tulip & Bronson Pups Arrived!

Tulip very pleased with her new family!

Welcome to the world! A total of nine puppies were born in a 10 hour period. Three handsome boys and six adorable girls. Born Thursday June 15th (our anniversary).

Miss Dahlia (Orange ribbon), Mr. Hosta (Green ribbon), Mr. Bulrush (Brown ribbon), Miss Baby's Breath (Beige ribbon),Mr. Sunflower (yellow ribbon), Miss Lilac (Purple ribbon), Miss Bluebell (Blue ribbon), Miss Hibiscus (Red ribbon) and Miss Hydrangea (Light Blue ribbon).

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Tulip entered stage one labor. Approximately 10:30 am yesterday morning, she began having contractions, and the first puppy arrived around 12 pm, and the last pup around 8:16 pm. She took her sweet time delivering these puppies! The two of us are exhausted from being awake for 37 hours! Puppies weigh around 1 lb each. 

Tulip is a wonderful mother. She immediately embraces each puppy and won't leave them even for a bathroom break. During the next week, Tulip will be fed along with her puppies in the whelping box. Drinks and meals will be brought to her every two hours.  

The puppies arrived needing a pedicure, so we're going to cut their nails so Tulip can nurse without pain. Sleeping and nursing are the pups' only activities, and they gain about 1 to 2 ounces daily. To ensure they are all gaining weight well, we weigh them twice daily.

PS: We are also excited about daddy Bronson winning Best Of Breed today at Monarch Dog Show. Tulip is extremely proud!👏👏

Stay tuned.....


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