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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Whitney and Storm’s Litter – Week Five

Hello everyone!

“The Evacuation”

There were several practice runs that lead to this moment. Well-rehearsed; well-coordinated, but this event was unlike anything we’d ever witnessed. Early in the week, Mr. Snowball and Miss Candy Cane departed the whelping box for a little walkabout. Around midweek, Mr. Snowball, Miss Mistletoe and Mr. Plum Pudding took their turn, unfazed by the violation they had committed as they calmly studied their surroundings. On Monday morning, it became apparent. These were all dry runs for what came next. As we approached the living room that houses Whitney’s litter box, the entire litter of eight had evacuated their dwelling to go for a leisurely stroll around the room. They all surrendered peacefully and without incident, but this latest breach has underscored the necessity for stricter security measures.

Time for cuddles!
Notwithstanding their occasional lapse in judgment, the group was all fairly well-behaved as they received visitors over the weekend. Everyone received a major dose of cuddling while some of their guests seemed to work through a mental checklist of every puppy to hold so no one would be left out. They doled out licks and kisses, nibbled on watches and lapped up all of the attention they were getting. Even the moms made sure they got some attention of their own.

Last week, our poor Whitney contracted Eclampsia, a blood calcium deficiency. As a result of her treatment, Whitney was unable to nurse her puppies, so Bailey and Sierra rolled in with their own milk trucks to help out. Forever the good sport, octomom Whitney clad in a t-shirt to cover her “apparatus” made up for lost time by spending entire days in the whelping box with her brood, sometimes napping with them, but mostly just hanging out. The pups were extremely happy to be with their mom. They expressed their enthusiasm by climbing on top of her while Mr. Shining Star clamped his jaws down on mom’s tail and Miss Mistletoe gnawed away on Whitney’s leg. Whitney took it all in stride.

That’s it for now, but be sure to join us next week for another regal installment of “Puppy Tales”.

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